Courtyard Mural Painting *update*

We are planning to paint a mural on the courtyard wall as part of Tina’s garden. The mural was designed by Randal Thurston, and he and Alyson Schultz are organizing the painting of the mural.  We all are invited to participate in this gift for Tina.  We are looking for people who would like to participate in the painting of the mural. If you are interested in helping us, please send your name, when you will be available to help and what you would like to do to We will get back to you. You can also help by spreading the word to those who might be interested in helping.

Peggy Gardiner, Susan Marsh, Bob Fowkes, Cathie Desjardins.

At any time we should have no more than 8-10 painters, 4-5 would be ideal. Depending on the turnout, we could do shifts. Other support roles for those who might want to be involved — food/ break snacks, DJ-ing music, etc.

Questions about volunteering to work on the mural? Email

Mural Timeline

All dates are weather dependent. Painting will not be scheduled if temperatures are above 85 or if there is rain. For volunteers, we can anticipate confirming all mural activity 2-3 days prior to the tentative schedule below.

>> Morning of August 28: Paint procurement and site preparation (wrapping the trees, sanding window etc.)
>> August 28-29 afternoons: The first coat of of paint (pale blue) covering the entire wall. Community members participation welcome. After the paint dries, we will know if one coat is sufficient or if we need to apply a second. If necessary, the second coat will be applied August 29th.
>> August 29th afternoon: Window sash painted. This could be an experienced community member task.
The image projection / trace will happen on the the evening of the 29th/ early morning of August 30, and as needed on the next mornings or evenings. The projection might take place over the course of 3 days.
>> August 30-Sept 1 afternoon. Mural painting. Community members participation welcome. Both artistic and house painting skill levels needed. Painting should take 3 days. Wednesday will have a hard stop at 5:00pm, for the First Parish Summer Potluck event.
>> Alyson and Randal are available for touchup/finishing over Sat and Sunday of Labor Day Weekend. Tuesday Sept 5th is a possible rain date.

Questions about volunteering to work on the mural? Email