Unitarian Universalist churches are governed via “congregational polity.”  This means that the members of our congregation have the power and responsibility to establish First Parish’s bylaws, set our mission, and call the clergy of our choice.

Members annually elect other members to serve on First Parish’s governing board, trustees of the trust funds, and other standing committees. Specifics are are in our bylaws.

Check out FP Workings for more details about all of our committees and working groups is in the FPWorkings booklet, as well as on various site pages, including standing committees, RE, SJ, working groups, and more.

The Parish Committee creates parish-wide policy and oversees the congregation’s financial matters including the budget.  It oversees and empowers committees, fosters new initiatives and establishes congregational wide priorities. ParCom also speaks for the congregation on matters of public concern. Members of the Parish Committee must be members of the congregation.

Email questions, suggestions, or requests to Meetings are generally on the third Tuesday of each month, 7-9 pm, and are open to all First Parish members.

First Parish is blessed to have an endowment or trust funds. The purpose of these funds is to ensure the long-term survival of First Parish. The Trustees are fiduciaries for the congregation who are guided by that purpose to manage, invest and distribute the Trust Funds, including both restricted and unrestricted monies.  The primary goal for distribution of unrestricted funds is to support the capital needs of First Parish’s infrastructure.  Trustees must be members of First Parish.

Email for more information.