Giving First for November 2023

Each month we divide our morning offering between First Parish and an organization chosen by our Social Justice Committee. This month we are funding the work of Shelters for Hope (

Centro de Esperanza (Shelter for Hope) is a migrant family shelter in Sonyata, Mexico, on the Arizona border. The shelter provides a safe refuge for families fleeing gang violence, religious persecution, and dire economic circumstances. In most cases, families have traveled hundreds, if not thousands, of miles to keep their families alive and safe. El Centro provides safe shelter, food, medical care, education, and legal and technical assistance and protects families from drug cartels, human traffickers, and others who would take advantage of them. Centro de Esperanza is unique in that all these families are attempting to seek asylum in the United States through legal channels. The average wait time for a hearing with a U.S. administrator at the border is 4-6 weeks. Currently the shelter can support 30 families with an expansion plan in the next few months for an additional 30 families. The annual operating cost is approximately $100k and the cost of the expansion is approximately $25k. The shelter was started by U.S. citizens in Ajo, Arizona but is managed by co-directors who are Mexican citizens.

Please give generously.