Evacuation Plan

First Parish Evacuation Plan

Evacuation Guidelines:


  • When the building alarm sounds, we evacuate.
  • Evacuate quickly and quietly.
  • Help those who are mobility impaired or those with young children.
  • Meet your family and friends at the rally point. Children in Religious Education classes (RE) will be taken to the rally point.
  • If there is an issue with your assigned evacuation exit, please proceed to the next nearest exit to evacuate.  Rally point (place to meet and reorganize): in front of Arlington Town Hall, 730 Massachusetts Avenue, to west of the First Parish campus

To exit the First Parish building there are 6 doors: West Mass Ave, East Mass Ave, Pleasant Street, Parish House, Vestry (exits onto grass), Annex (has steps/not a wheelchair exit).

To reach the Arlington Town Hall, 730 Mass Ave rally point

To exit the First Parish building from the