Social Justice

Our Mission

The Social Justice Program leads, supports, and coordinates social justice endeavors of First Parish

Our Approach

We provide opportunities to change systems to promote justice; help relieve the suffering rooted in oppression and inequity; support one another’s spiritual development and civic engagement through education, action, and advocacy; give voice to congregants; bear witness; and provide challenge, hope, and inspiration

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Racial Justice

Promote racial justice within our community and in the broader world, including providing education on race consciousness, institutional racism, and white supremacy

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Indigenous Justice

Explore the injustices experienced by the Indigenous people of Massachusetts, from being displaced centuries ago to the health and social inequities today.

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Climate Action

Take local actions supporting global transformation of economies to clean energy sources.

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Refugee Support

Mobilize local volunteers who want to make a difference in the lives of refugees in our community, providing practical help to individuals and families.

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Defending Democracy

Join with UU the Vote to oppose and overcome discriminatory barriers to voting, focusing on equity, fairness, and justice issues in Massachusetts and the country.

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Social Justice Committee

The main hub for our social justice efforts provides congregational leadership in local, national and global justice issues consistent with the UUA Principles.

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