Coming of Age

Coming of Age

You may be familiar with our yearly “Credo” service in June, hearing our eighth graders share their reflections with the congregation. But COA is so much more than what we see on Coming of Age Sunday. It’s a space for 8th graders (~14 year olds) to explore their authentic self outside of school, and bond together as a group. Unlike OWL, Coming of Age is more participant run, and a lot less like school. COA explores spirituality, personal identity, and community engagement.


What’s Coming of Age all about?

Learn, share, and listen within a safe, fun and semi-structured environment! Explore your inner life through Tai Chi. Give back to the community by cooking for the lay ministry fridge. Learn the practices of the youth group from the high schoolers. Along the way, these activities help participants articulate what is true and important to them, and how they want to be part of their communities. At the end of the months-long program, you’re invited (but not required) to share that with the whole congregation

When is COA?

Sundays, 7-8:30pm (except holidays, school vacation), late January to early June. Some offsite sessions, with advance notice.

Parent Orientation: 1/7/24 via Zoom with RE Staff and COA Mentors 

First COA Meeting: 1/21/24 at 7pm -8:30pm, Parlor Room 

Coming of Age Service: June 2nd, 10am

January 21st First Meeting — Offsite
January 28th Meeting #2
February 4th Meeting #3
February 11th Meeting #4
March 3rd Meeting #5
March 10th Meeting #6
March 17th Meeting #7
March 24th Meeting #8
April 7th Meeting #9
April 28th Meeting #10
May 5th Meeting #11
May 19th Meeting #12