Roses of Recognition: Stewardship Committee & STAR program coordinators

Rose of Recognition April 2024

This month the Parish Committee recognizes the extraordinary outcome of the 2024-25 Stewardship Campaign by awarding the Rose of Recognition to the Stewardship Committee, the amazing leadership provided by Marie Meteer and Amy Speare, the tireless recruiting of stewards by Sue Sheffler and all those including the visiting stewards who participated in the campaign. Of course, it is the incredible generosity of this congregation that makes this all possible. The Parish Committee wishes to thank all of you with the Rose Bouquet of Recognition which you can admire on the chancel table during the service this Sunday, April 21st.

Our beloved community thrives because we gather.  The April Rose of Recognition acknowledges Steph Miserlis and Kate Lenox, STAR program coordinators (Spirit, Transformation, Reflection and Adventure). Steph and Kate are open and willing to educate and assist volunteers to host a community event or gathering.  We are also grateful for all the volunteers who step up to make sure these events happen!  Through STAR, First Parish offers amazing opportunities to meet others in our community while enjoying games, a movie, educational programs, knitting, and more.    Thank you for your efforts to keep us gathering and thriving!