Rose of Recognition: Alan Linov and Lori Kenschaft

Alan Linov has provided a steady hand “captaining” the boat we call the Social Justice Committee for several years.  He has created a flexible, inclusive, and inventive way to organize the various work projects of Social Justice which include Climate Action, the Indigenous Working Group, and the Emergent Issues Task Force.  He welcomes anyone to join these efforts and strives to accommodate a group with an array of talents and abilities as well as varying levels of time commitment. Alan was instrumental in the recent “Living Our Faith” service last Sunday, which highlighted three members who spoke about how our UU principles have driven the work they do.  His vision of how to build and maintain our outward looking work truly makes our congregation stronger.

Lori Kenschaft is stepping down as co-chair of the STAR (Spirit, Transformation, Adventure and Reflection) Adult Education Committee. We are grateful for her tireless energy that kept First Parish connected throughout the pandemic, creatively engaging the community with STAR’s adult programming. She organized events in the courtyard, Phone Buddies, and virtual programs to keep us in touch when COVID was at its worst. She created mutual support groups to keep the community together and thriving. Her organizing of STAR programs kept us learning and growing, giving First Parish renewed purpose and use of our outdoor space. Lori’s creativity, networking, thoughtfulness, leadership in both mind and heart are truly appreciated.

Thanks from the Parish Committee. We appreciate and applaud your efforts.