Giving First for April 2024: The Living Legacy Project

Giving First Recipient for April 2024

Each Sunday, the offering collected during worship is split between the support of First Parish and another organization chosen by the Social Justice Committee.

The Living Legacy Project ( is the April 2024 Giving First Recipient. The Living Legacy Project’s vision is a just and equitable world free from racism and other systems of oppression.
The mission of the Living Legacy Project is to provide experiential education about the American Civil Rights Movement that challenges, inspires, and equips people from diverse backgrounds and identities for justice work in their communities and beyond. Despite gains made by the American Civil Rights Movement to ensure that all people, regardless of race, ethnicity, or color, have access to human and civil rights, much work remains. Black, indigenous, and people of color (BIPOC) continued to be imprisoned at a higher rate than white people, subjected to police overreach, experienced more poverty, and had fewer opportunities. Protecting voting rights to eliminate mass incarceration takes committed activists and organizers willing to take stands against injustice.
The Living Legacy Pilgrimage is a journey to meet the people, hear the stories, and visit the sites that changed the world in the Civil Rights Movement. This experience typically starts in either Birmingham, Alabama, or Memphis Tennessee.  The Pilgrimage is more than a civil rights history tour. In addition to visiting historic sites, we meet veterans, many of them foot soldiers of the civil rights movement. Additionally, we spend time exploring what today’s racism, white privilege, and barriers to equality look like in the towns we visit — and in our own hometowns. As a spiritual pilgrimage, we reflect on what we experience together so when we each return home, we can apply what we have learned to our communities.
Our 2024 goals include ramping up the number of Pilgrimages we offer, while continuing to provide dynamic online programs. Especially over the next two years, our board has dedicated itself to building our organization capacity so we can offer even more programs focused on lessons from the Civil Rights Movement. We cannot let this history be forgotten, or even worse, covered up. The LLP’s commitment is to ensure that future generations learn about and can be inspired by the courage and resilience of those who defied all odds to make change happen.


Please give generously.

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