Officers & Standing Committees

The officers and standing committees, in close cooperation with the staff, conduct the basic work of the congregation.

If you might be interested in any of these positions, contact the Leadership Development Committee (LDC) at and/or talk with the committee’s chair(s).

These positions are specified in First Parish’s bylaws. Officers and members of standing committees are nominated and elected for three-year terms at the congregation’s Annual Meeting each May. The LDC offers a slate of nominees. Nominations, including self-nominations, may also be made from the floor, but people are encouraged to talk with the LDC about their interests. Terms begin and end at Annual Meeting.

At other times of year, the Parish Committee may appoint an individual to a standing committee until the following Annual Meeting at the request of that committee’s chair or co-chairs.

The bylaws limit individuals to two consecutive three-year terms on a standing committee unless they receive the approval of the Parish Committee for a third term. Officers and members of the Parish Committee may not serve more than two consecutive three-year terms; they become eligible for re-election at the Annual Meeting a year after their second term ends.

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