Celebrate and Honor with Poinsettias

Celebrate and honor your loved ones with beautiful poinsettias. Whether you want to express gratitude, remember someone special, celebrate the arrival of child, honor a friendship or anniversary, or simply acknowledge something that has touched your heart, a poinsettia is the perfect gift. These stunning red flowers will adorn our Sanctuary during the holiday season.

As a special tribute, the person or event you choose to honor will be mentioned in our order of service, alongside your name. After our enchanting Christmas Eve candlelight services, you are welcome to take the poinsettias home with you.

You may choose from available sizes 6″ pot for $10 or 4.5″ pot for $7.

We are grateful for your contribution and look forward to creating a warm and inviting atmosphere in our Sanctuary.

Click here to log into Realm and order your flowers today! Thank you.