Remembrance Corner

Honoring Loved Ones with Engraved Brick Pavers

The Memorial Garden Committee is providing another opportunity to honor your loved ones by sponsoring one or more engraved brick pavers in our beautiful First Parish Remembrance Corner.

The Remembrance Corner provides:

  • A lovely and quiet seating area just beyond the current Courtyard and First Parish Memorial Garden
  • Attractive plantings
  • A handsome wooden bench
  • An opportunity to secure a lasting memorial inscribed with your message, such as:
    • In memory of…, In celebration of…, In honor of…., Given by…, etc. and the name(s) you want to commemorate
    • Your name(s) as donor(s) (“The Ballou Family,” “R.W. Emerson,” etc.)

The Remembrance Corner is just outside the rear door of the sanctuary.  Please visit it at your convenience.

Acquiring a Paver (a stepping stone as a remembrance)

In order to keep the cost reasonable, we order pavers only when we accumulate enough orders to cover the engraving, shipping and installation costs. We can manage that at about 15-20 pavers, which usually takes a few years. If you want to order a paver, please do so, but do not send payment at this time. We will keep your order on record, and when we receive enough orders to add more pavers to the Remembrance Corner, we will notify you and ask for payment at that time.

A 4″ x 8″ paving stone is $95, and an 8″ x 8″ paver is $180.  Perhaps you could be the person who organizes many to contribute toward pavers in memory of long-term church members who are gone but not forgotten, or in celebration of some of the wonderful programs in the church, like the music program, religious education, or covenant groups.  Put on your thinking cap, engage your creativity, and don’t miss your chance to have your celebrations and memorials engraved in stone in our churchyard.

To purchase an engraved paver, please fill out the order form below. There are also forms available in the church office.  Email any questions to or ask any member of the Memorial Garden Committee.

Engraved Pavers Order Form

To aquire an engraved paver, please fill out the following online form. You may send your check to:

Memorial Garden Committee
First Parish UU of Arlington
630 Massachusetts Ave.
Arlington, MA 02476

Please write “Remembrance Corner” in the memo line.

Thank you!