Memorial Garden

For the Interment of Ashes of Members and Friends of First Parish

Consistent with some requirements, applicants may request burial of ashes within the Memorial Garden in a specific location., but First Parish does not guarantee that such request will be honored and the ashes shall not be recoverable. No headstones or markers of a burial of any kind shall be placed in the Courtyard except on the plaque in the Smith Courtyard indicating it is a Memorial Garden and providing a place for recording the names of individuals whose ashes are buried in the Memorial Garden.  Requesters of use of the Memorial Garden shall be responsible for obtaining and paying for any nameplate that may permissibly be added to the First Parish plaque. The nameplate must be in accordance with the requirements established by the Parish committee for the plaque and may only contain the name, date of birth and date of death of the individual.

The First Parish Minister shall maintain an official permanent record of all individuals whose ashes have been buried in the Memorial Garden.

A payment to First Parish will be required from each applicant for use of the Memorial Garden prior to the burial of ashes.  The amount of the burial fee shall be determined by the Parish Committee. The Parish committee shall have the right to reduce or waive the fee in particular instances as it deems appropriate.  A “Memorial Garden Trust Fund” is hereby established for the receipt of the burial fees and any other donations that may be made to such Fund. The Fund shall be used exclusively for the maintenance and beautification of the Memorial Garden and the grounds and buildings of First Parish.

Fees for any services of the Minister or other First Parish personnel in connection with the interment of the ashes or the memorialization of the individual shall be in addition to the burial fee.

Each applicant for use of the Memorial Garden shall be given a copy of all our policies.  The Memorial Garden may only be used in accordance with these policies.

The Parish Committee shall have full authority to administer the Memorial Garden consistent with these policies, the First Parish By-Laws, and any regulations it may adopt.  The Parish Committee has the right to modify or change these policies and to determine and establish additional regulations concerning the Memorial Garden. The Parish Committee may delegate its administrative authority as it deems appropriate. The Parish Committee does hereby delegate to the Trustees of the Trust Funds custody and administration of the “Memorial Garden Trust Fund.”

After reading the rules and procedures, fill out and submit the Memorial Garden Form below. After submitting this form, please give online through Realm or write your check for $600 to “First Parish Memorial Garden” and send to:

First Parish Memorial Garden
First Parish Unitarian Universalist of Arlington
630 Massachusetts Ave.
Arlington, MA 02476