COVID-19 Updates


December 31, 2022

Yesterday the Arlington Public Schools in conjunction with the Arlington Health Department issued a strong recommendation that students, staff and visitors, who are able to wear masks, except as needed for eating or drinking, do so through January 13. In September, the Parish Committee, our elected governing board, voted to bring our COVID protocols in alignment with the Town of Arlington.

We will continue to keep our COVID policies and practices in alignment with the Board of Health and the Town of Arlington.

The Executive Committee of the Parish Committee

Sara Galantowicz, Chair

Anne Quaadgras, Vice Chair

Rev. Marta Flanagan, Lead Minister, ex officio

Rev. Erica Richmond, Parish Minister, ex officio.

In September 2022, the Parish Committee voted unanimously to align First Parish’s COVID protocols to the Town of Arlington’s policies, which aligns with Massachusetts guidance. This means that masking is optional, but the Parish Committee asks that unvaccinated individuals remain masked for the sake of community safety. It also means that those who test positive for COVID-19 should follow isolation guidance, including isolating for 5 days, and then wearing a mask in public for 5 more days. Of course, anyone may mask at any time.

The Parish Committee also affirmed that:

  • We care about each other within our community, we do our best to keep each other healthy and safe, and we expect each other to stay up to date on our Covid-19 vaccinations.
  • We encourage everyone to make decisions about reducing risk that reflect their personal and family circumstances.
  • We encourage respect for others’ decisions and around masking and other practices to reduce the risk of infection.