1/7/2024: Snow moves First Parish Worship and Sunday Activities Online

Due to the expected snow, the Parish Committee Executive Committee decided to make tomorrow’s Sunday worship service fully online.  For tomorrow’s sermon Marta Flanagan has been reviewing the memoirs of and her own experience with those facing the end of their days.  From these she will weave together counsel we might consider as we enter a New Year.

The Religious Education classes are cancelled this morning, and Rev. Stevie will lead a Time for All Ages during our service. For our evening programs, Youth Group will meet online for candles from 7-7:30, and Coming of Age parent orientation will be offered online starting at 7pm.  The meetinghouse will be closed Sunday as snow is removed making parking and pathways accessible. Thank you to all who remove snow: professionals and volunteers alike!

A favorite snow poem is “Night Prayer” by Gayle Boss.  May we each see the sacred (and even the joyful) amidst the snows and storms of tomorrow and all our days!

Zoom link for worship:

Please stay safe!

In faith,
Rev. Marta Flanagan, Lead Minister
Rev. Erica Richmond, Parish Minister
Rev. Stevie Carmody, Minister of Religious Education

“Night Prayer”
by Gayle Boss

Out of habit
The graying nun
Bare handed
Balls a wad
of gritty March
snow and heaves
it overhand
at a split-trunk cedar
beside the convent
drive.  She shakes
her hands, palms
her thighs, signs
the cross and
resumes her walk
to compline.