Sunday Worship Service

November 29

winnie the pooh stuck in a hole

Rev. Ken Sawyer
Guest Preaching

“In Praise of What Sustains”

An appreciation of all that supports us when we need it most, like “a Sustaining Book, such as would help and comfort a Wedged Bear in Great Tightness.” (A.A.Milne)

10:00 am

Highlights and Upcoming Events

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Nominate Now

Tis the Season: Nominate Your Favorite Org to be a Giving First Recipient!

 Application deadline: December 31, 2015

The Giving First program donates 50% of the non-pledge offering each month to a charitable organization that we feel is consistent with Unitarian Universalist principles and FP Arlington’s mission to challenge the excesses and injustices of our time. We are seeking nominations for recipient organizations for February 2016 through January 2017. Anyone who is part of the First Parish congregation may submit a nomination using our online nomination form. Click here for more information.

black lives matter banner

A New Black Lives Matter Banner

Some have asked -- what does the banner mean?  The Parish Committee therefore voted on November 10 to install a new Black Lives Matter banner that briefly explains why we think it is important to affirm that Black Lives Matter.  For previous articles about First Parish's Black Lives Matter banner, see:


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