Job Opening: Part-time Building Maintenance Sexton (Custodian)

► First Parish members are not eligible for hiring, per Parish Committee policy.


First Parish in Arlington is a buoyant, vibrant and growing community of over 400 members with a youth group of more than 80 members. 

Who we’re looking for:
We seek an extremely reliable, resourceful person with building maintenance skills and experience. This person must be able to behave in a calming, helpful, and cheerful manner under stress. On scheduled weekday mornings, the sexton will first ensure that the building is ready for use by 7:00 am. The remaining hours will be spent working on a variety of maintenance and repair tasks around the building from a “to-do” list.

Regular schedule to be arranged with the Office Manager, within these parameters:

  • Mornings, 8-10 hours per week, year-round
  • Must start by 6:30 am to have building ready by 7:00 am, end time flexible and may vary daily 
  • Prefer 5 mornings per week Monday-Friday, will consider 3-4 days per week Monday-Friday
  • Additional work may be offered, including work on other days and times or weekends

The first task each work day is to make sure that all is ready for the opening of the building by 7:00 am. Check that the HVAC systems are running, paths and roadways are safe and everything else is working. Perform emergency repair, snow removal, or cleaning services as necessary. (Other staff and contractors have primary responsibility for cleaning and snow removal.) If problems cannot be resolved immediately, contact designated vendor and/or supervisor and/or designated Property Committee member.
Once that is accomplished, the sexton works on a “To Do” list of projects around the church. These may be indoor or outdoor tasks and will include:

  • Maintenance tasks such as replacing light bulbs, fixing furniture, fixtures, and accessories, touch-up paint work, moving furniture, etc.
  • Minor repairs to plumbing, electrical and other systems
  • Seasonal tasks such as installing or removing window air conditioners or adjusting HVAC settings.
  • Arranging follow-up for work requests or repairs which are outside the scope of the sexton’s work
  • Deep cleaning tasks such as washing windows, cleaning kitchen appliances
  • Extra cleaning or setup of rooms for specific events
  • Any and all reasonable duties assigned by supervisor


  • High reliability and flexibility, with significant initiative
  • Welcoming, friendly person who fosters pleasant interactions with parishioners, staff, and renters
  • Working knowledge about trades such as plumbing, electrical, and carpentry and the use of maintenance tools and equipment Understand building systems such as HVAC, alarm, and sprinkler
  • Effective English communication skills including written and electronic communications
  • Physically able to lift and move objects such as ladders and snow melt drums and to climb ladders
  • Availability to respond to emergencies at other times is desirable but not required
  • Experience
  • Experience working independently from a task list
  • At least 2-3 years’ experience performing some carpentry, HVAC, electrical, mechanical, and plumbing functions


  • Hourly rate will depend on qualifications and experience
  • This is a part-time position and is not eligible for employer-paid insurance benefits
  • First Parish uses the Unitarian Universalist Association Fair Compensation guidelines (

How To Apply: 
Please send cover letter, resume and any relevant documents to officemanager @, attention: Building Maintenance Sexton, or by regular mail to First Parish UU Arlington,  630 Massachusetts Ave, Arlington, MA 02476.

Additional Information:
The Sexton reports to the Office Manager.
First Parish is accessible by public transportation via bus from Harvard Square or Alewife Station (Red Line).


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