Our Whole Lives (OWL)

OWL offers a profound opportunity for our middle-grades youth to deepen their faith and put their values into practice. The curriculum fosters meaningful dialogue among peers in a safe and respectful setting in a context of sexual and emotional health. Youth have opportunities to identify, clarify, and discuss issues within the entire spectrum of sexuality, including self-esteem, media images, gender identity, relationship building, communication, and caring, and to learn important facts about the human body, sexual harassment and abuse, and sexual practices. The curriculum was recently updated to include lessons on social media and pornography. Critical-thinking, decision-making, and communication skills are fostered and practiced throughout the two terms of the program.

Please note: To register for this class, students must attend Sunday School for three months prior to class.

The updated OWL curriculum is online, in a password-protected area of our website. To view the curriculum, click here.

The Fall 2017 course is a continuation of Spring 2017 OWL and is open only to those students. The next OWL class begins in March 2018, and we are accepting registrations now.  This is a continuation of Spring 2017 OWL and is open only to those students. If you have questions, please contact RE Director Tina Schulz at tina @ firstparish.info

OWL Calendar
Fall 2017


Unit 3: Relationships
September 10          Workshop 12: Healthy Relationships
September 17          Workshop 13: Relationship Skills

Unit 4: Contemporary Issues
September 24          Workshop 14: Sexuality, Social Media, and the Internet

Unit 5: Responsible Sexual Behavior
October 1                Workshop 15: Redefining Abstinence, and Masturbation*
October 8                No Class—Columbus Day
October 15              Workshop 16: Sexual Intimacy*
October 22              Workshop 17: Consent Education**
October 29              Workshop 18: Pornography

Unit 6: Sexually Transmitted Infections, Pregnancy, and Parenting
November 5            Workshop 19: Sexually Transmitted Infections
November 12          Workshop 20: Unplanned Pregnancy Options
November 19          Workshop 21: Contraception and Safer Sex
November 26          No Class—Thanksgiving

Unit 7: Communicating About Sexuality
December 3            Workshop 22: Sexual Decision Making
December 10          Workshop 23: Communicating with a Sexual Partner
December 17          Workshop 24: Self-Care, Celebration, and Closure

* Visuals
** Extra ½ hour: Class begins at 6:30, pizza offered at 6:10



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