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Employee Handbook

Hiring Policy

Called ministers are called by the congregation. The UUA’s guidelines for the process of calling a minister are available at .

For salaried professional staff, the hiring manager shall organize a committee consisting of the hiring manager, 1-2 other staff members, and 1-2 member volunteers. With input from the committee, the hiring manager makes a hiring recommendation to the Parish Committee for its approval.

An hourly employee is hired by the hiring manager with input from the Human Resources Committee and perhaps other appropriate committees.

An offer letter should be written to all newly hired employees. This letter should include agreed upon salary or wages, start date, hours per week, and weeks per year. The letter must be signed by the newly hired employee and the chair of the Parish Committee. The reporting supervisor shall receive a copy of the letter.

At the time of hiring a new staff person, it is the supervisor’s responsibility to provide an updated job description to the new employee.


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