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Procedures for Use of First Parish Arlington Facilities

User Fees Schedule

Note: A damage/cleaning deposit of equal to four hours of room charges is required for all events. (Even if the event is shorter than four hours.)

fee schedule table


3. Custodian charges begin at your designated arrival time and end when the custodian is satisfied that cleanup is complete. There is a four-hour minimum for the custodian.

4. Room charges begin at your designated arrival time and end when you leave. This includes setup and cleanup time. There is a two-hour minimum for room charges. Usage after two hours is in half-hour increments.

5. The “sponsor” discount requires that a member or members of the sponsoring First Parish group act as liaison between the sponsored group and the church staff, taking full responsibility for the management of the event. A representative of the sponsoring group is expected to be on-site during the event as well as during setup and cleanup. First Parish may still require and charge for the custodian, especially for larger events or those open to the public.

6. “Personal use” means for a private event such as a birthday party or other celebration.


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