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Application for Fundraising for Special Purposes

NOTE: The following is for reference only. If you would like an actual Speical Fundraising Application, please follow this link to download a PDF version of the application that you can fill out and mail in.

Title of fundraiser:

Date(s) of Proposed Fundraising (Note: If this is a multi-event fundraiser, please include all proposed dates and descriptions of events. It is the responsibility of the applicant to tentatively reserve, with the Parish Manager, any church facilities that may be necessary):

Name of group/person(s) for whom funds are requested:

Intended purpose of the funds:

This is a special event ____      special Sunday offering ____

Description of fundraiser (very brief):


Amount to be raised (can be a goal):
If the goal is exceeded, how will the excess funds be disbursed?

Is this fundraiser linked to youth or adult religious education programs, or social justice efforts that reflect the congregation’s commitment to Unitarian Universalist principles? ___Yes   ____No
If yes, please describe:

If requesting that funds not be processed through the church treasurer, provide justification and tell who will handle the funds:

Additional comments/requests:

Name of Sponsoring Committee, Group, Task Force:

Name of Contact Person:
Contact’s phone numbers:
Contact’s mailing address:

Contact’s e-mail address:

Date of Application:


Signature of Applicant
Date Received by the Assistant Treasurer:

Assistant Treasurer’s notes:

____   forwarded to Chair of Parish Committee on _________________ (date)

____   returned to applicant on __________________ (date)

Reason for return:

Signature of Assistant Treasurer

Date presented to Parish Committee:

Parish Committee Action:
____   accepted for fundraising as presented

____   accepted for fundraising with amendments

____   tabled until a later date: ______________ (date)

____   declined for fundraising

Assistant Treasurer initials: ____



Name of Person Requesting Check:
Phone Number:
E-mail Address:

Name of Special Event/Offering/Account:


Where to send check       
____   to payee’s address below 
____   to Committee/Group’s church mailbox

Check Payable to:


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