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January 2016

  1. How was the lead paint discovered?
    A required December site inspection for our tenant, Mariposa Montessori, revealed traces of lead paint on the exterior windows of the Parish House (RE wing).  The inspection did not find lead in the interior of the building.
    There is no threat to anyone using the building. 

  2. When will the work be completed?
    The work will begin immediately.  A contract to remediate the outside lead paint and replace the affected windows was executed in late December. The replacement windows are expected January 14, with a target completion date prior to January 31.

  3. What areas of First Parish are affected?
    The work impacts the outside of the Parish House (the RE wing) as well as the Annex. The inspection did not find lead paint in the interior of the building.  However, prior lead-paint remediation techniques are now outdated and require new measures.  Please understand that there is no threat to anyone using the building. Joan Dyer, Office Manager is working closely with the contractor to ensure First Parish staff and building users have access to needed space at First Parish and that access is restricted from specified areas as required. If you have a question about your group’s building use during this period, please contact the office for a location confirmation.

  4. What is the estimated cost and how will First Parish pay for the work?
    The cost of the remediation and the replacement of the windows is expected to be approximately $31,000.  Replacement of the windows had been considered as part of the Meetinghouse projects but had to be set aside for budgetary reasons. Currently, contingency funds from the Meetinghouse Campaign are projected to be sufficient to pay for the remediation and replacement windows. However, this depends on our many donors continuing to timely meet their full pledge obligations. In addition to this last project we must also repay the loan from Cambridge Savings Bank. We thank all of you who made financial pledges and continue to fulfill your payments for the Meetinghouse effort.

  5. I thought the Meetinghouse Campaign remediated lead paint?
    While our initial renovation work included both asbestos and radon remediation, the recent discovery of traces of lead paint on the exterior windows of the Parish House requires updated remediation. The prior lead-paint remediation techniques are now outdated.  When obtaining estimates to strip the existing windows or fully replace the window in impacted areas, it was clear that replacement was more energy efficient and considered cost effective overall.

Please direct any questions to:
Carolyn Hodges (617-943-0364) or Jeff Keffer (781-686-3788) 
Co-chairs of The Meetinghouse Campaign.


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