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Parish Committee Communication Policy and Procedure

It is the intention of the Parish Committee to make the decisions and discussions of the Parish Committee an accessible and transparent process. We encourage an open flow of communication with the congregation. The Parish Committee is committed to developing policy that will build communication

Parish Committee Communication with the Congregation

Parish Committee meetings are public and can be attended by anyone within the church community, as well as invited guests. The Parish Committee meeting schedule is established at the beginning of the year and is available through the church office. Regular meetings are also published in the church calendar, which is distributed through regular church communications. In the event of a meeting change or an extra meeting taking place outside of the normal schedule, notification of the meeting date will take place at least one week prior to the meeting and will be posted. In the event of an emergency meeting the schedule will be posted as soon as possible.

Parish Committee meeting agendas should be posted on the First Parish website 48 hours prior to the Parish Committee meeting whenever circumstances allow. Each meeting agenda is set by the Parish Committee Executive Committee, which consists of the Parish Committee Chairs and other designated members. Anyone wanting to have an item on the agenda should contact the Parish Committee Chair. An e-mail address that can be used to reach the Parish Committee will be maintained and publicized widely.

Approved Parish Committee Minutes will be posted in the church and on the First Parish website. Minutes will include staff reports that are submitted to Parish Committee, such as the Minister, Director of Religious Education, and Office Manager’s report. Other reports may also be attached at the request of the Parish Committee. Minutes will be available on the church website for 12 months, and then archived for at least 10 years. There will be a hard copy notebook of Parish Committee meeting minutes and staff reports held in the church office dating back 2 years.

Under special and unusual circumstance the Parish Committee may meet in Executive Session during which only members of the Parish Committee may be present. Past Executive Sessions have generally been related to staff evaluations and salary discussions. Executive Sessions are for discussion only, and no minutes are taken.

Highlights of Parish Committee Meetings, as well as any relevant updates will be published in our monthly newsletter, The Spire. Parish Committee meeting dates will be in the weekly announcements e-mail and the Sunday Bulletin found in the Order of Service. As of April 2011, the Parish Committee e-mail address is parishexec @

—Adopted by the Parish Committee April 26, 2011


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